About us

At Rent iPad, we provide our clients with the latest versions of Apple Tablet devices for rent at affordable rates. If you want to rent an iPad in Melbourne, Sydney or any of the major cities in Australia, Rent iPad is the only place you need to come to. You can rent any of the models that Apple has released in the last few years.

Use Without Buying

Apple releases new iPads every year. Each time, they get faster and have more and more features. For instance, the new iPad has the following features not available in previous models:

  • M7 co-processor with sensor technologies
  • Double the speed of the previous iPad
  • Much Thinner and lighter
  • Higher resolution (retina) for iPad Mini

The new models are undeniably better and they make the previous models obsolete in a matter of months. However, not everybody wants to use an iPad all the time. You may need it for only a week for evaluation or to use as a 2nd screen. Students may need it to complete an assignment, but may not be able to buy one.

At Rent iPad, you can get an iPad for rental for a week or more, depending on your needs. Hundreds of schools based on Australia and New Zealand have been able to help their students stay ahead of the curve with our rental service, as it saves a lot of money and time.

All iPad Models

In addition to the latest versions of the iPad called the iPad Air, we also provide the following products for rental:

  • Rent IPad Air
  • Rent IPad Air 2
  • Rent IPad Mini
  • iPad 5th Gen
  • iPad 6th Gen

These rentals are especially useful for businesses and other organizations, who want to find out whether their applications work reliably on older models. They are also cheaper, whether you want to buy or rent them.

Convenient and Affordable

With Rent iPad at your service, you do not need to go around hunting for the best deals. In addition to renting iPads to you at very good rates, we also make sure that you have no problem using the products. We help you install and configure the device, so you can get the job done. Among other things, you don’t need to worry about network configuration, app installs and learning.

We provide help at each and every stage, right from the time you choose one of the models for rentals. Our staff is technically well-equipped to help you figure out how best to use the iPad that you have chosen for rent.

Get Started

Renting an iPad in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane or Gold Coast has never been easier. All you need to do is fill out our application form and we process your requests within few minutes. If you want to know more about our iPad rental services and if you want to buy new or used iPads, please give us a call or leave us an email. We will be happy to answer your questions and find the best model for you.